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Info Dump 2

The Wolves of Beerburrum

This is a synopsis of the information Lisa (wife of Dave the pighunting werewolf tour guide) was able to tell Saul about the werewolves who live north of Brisbane. Remember this is information about the situation pre-apocalypse.

She said the Glass House Boys actually consists of three packs. A lot of them are bikers and they hang around a pub called Gagargen which is north of Beerburrum. Apparently it was started by the Baker family, but over the last generation has taken in more drifters and exiles from the Lunatics. The Glass House Boys pay at least lip service to Mother Gaia but Lisa says Dave was dubious as to their actual dedication.

Here is what she knows from rumors and gossip:

The Old Leaders

The Headless Giant:

Prime Totem – A very powerful spirit of the land which rarely moves. Known to grant gifts of Nature, Rage, Might, and Death.

Frank O’Kelly

Leader of all wolves in the area. About fifty years old with strong Rage and Primal Urge, but not yet unworldly. He was originally a drifter, but a long time friend of James Baker. He took over the position when James started becoming unworldly and now runs the Gagargen Pub where most of the local bikies and wolves hang out.

James Baker

About seventy years old, his Rage is weakening but Primal Urge has become so strong he as to make him somewhat unworldly. Used to be leader of all local wolves, now walks the Glass House Mountains. Can still be found at Gagargen most afternoons.

Alex Hall

About forty. A Baker on his mother’s side, but his father was a Lunatic. Grew up south of the border and returned about ten years ago. Strong Rage and Primal Urge. Very loyal to Frank O’Kelly. Alex acts as Frank’s enforcer if necessary. He can easily cow the leaders of the other two packs.

The Main Pack

Totem – One Eyed Cat

A somewhat weak but approachable urban spirit. Blesses most of the gatherings when the Headless Giant doesn’t deign to move / appear. Known to grant gifts of Evasion, Insight, Might, and Stealth.

Garret Rankin

Leader of the main pack. Young, he took over main pack leadership from Andrew Baker by mutual acknowledgement of relative strength. Subordinate to the old leaders, he gets along in uneasy comradery with Larry Banik despite others’ speculation on who would win in a fight. Strong Rage and Primal Urge. He’s channeled most of his energy into living a (relatively) normal life. A local boy who must have had some old family blood he married a mortal woman and works as a paramedic. He rides with the others, but isn’t much into the organised crime side. He has a big house in the north west of Caboolture. It is common form many wolves and kin to crash and hang out there. He has a big family and most of them are in on the secret of the pack. Dave and Lisa have been to his house for barbecues and gatherings.

Calvin White

A bar tender at the Gagargen. Second in the main pack. A local boy, married to Jame’s granddaughter, (Bailey White), he’s been pushing to become leader of the main pack. Rumor has him behind several incidents and dramas etc. He’s a dedicated bikie, controlling much of the flow of drugs, etc north of Brisbane, and having contacts with the Lunatics and mortal gangs etc. Despite his obvious desire to take over he’s never quite dared directly challenge Garret. He has had the shit beaten out of him by Larry Banik a few times. Calvin and Dave were good mates. Lisa never quite understood that but assumes it’s because they grew up in the same circles.

Andrew Baker

Eldest of the surviving Baker boys. He was wild in his youth but has settled down now. He has a concreting business and large family up in Caloundra. He rides with the pack on weekends, acknowledging that he’s been surpassed in strength by both Garret and Calvin.

Bailey White

One of the rare women who survive the change. Bailey is the granddaughter of James Baker and married Calvin White. Given the macho cultural bias of werewolves however she holds her rank as forth in the main pack on the strength of her Rage and Primal Urge.
She rides with the men and has won several challenge fights. She has three children, none of whom show signs of turning (yet). Used to be friendly with Lisa, talking to her whenever Dave and Lisa attended a pack event as guests and bringing her kids out to the property a few times a year.

Tod Neives

Nephew, or maybe nephew-in-law, of Andrew Baker. Moderate Rage and Primal Urge he works as a concreter for his uncle and rides with the boys on the weekends. Rumor has it he’s been getting deeper into the crime side of things recently.

Ethan Baker

Young, he has moderate Rage, but a weak Primal Urge. He’s eager both to get into the organised crime side of things and to step up in the pack. Has challenged, and had the shit beaten out of him by Bailey White a couple of times in the last year. Works as a delivery driver around Caboolture and the coast.

Grace Erkens

A local girl from Maroochydore. Turned unexpectedly a couple of months before the apocalypse. She had been a married school teacher, but lost both job and spouse soon after her first change. She was now living in north Caboolture under the watchful eye of Garret Rankin and his family. Said to be unhappy and unstable.

Banik’s Security Firm

Totem – Crow

A crow spirit of moderate strength. Banik’s people are very tight lipped about what gifts it grants, but odds are on Knowledge, Death, and Insight.

Larry Banik

Leader of his pack. Nominally falls after Garret Rankin in the overall scheme of things, but the two have never fought. There is much gossip about who would win, especially as Banik has beaten the shit out of Calvin White a few times (at White’s instigation). Banik has strong Rage and Primal Urge. He runs a boxing gym and security company with about ten employees, about half of which are wolves (the only ones Lisa knows by name). Banik takes direction from, and will often lend his men to, Alex Hall on issues of external pack security. He does not interfere on internal issues of main pack discipline however, referring people to Garret. Banik was originally a lone wolf of unknown origins. Frank O’Kelly brought him into the area about ten years ago. He rides on occasion, but isn’t (known to be) involved in the organised crime side of things.

Phil Neives

A local boy from a family of kin, raised in the traditions. He split from the main pack to follow Larry Banik, becoming his second in both the pack of the crow and Banik’s security firm. Phil has strong Rage but only moderate Primal Urge. He rarely rides.

Jake Baker

Another local boy who split from the main pack to follow Banik. He has strong Rage but weak Primal Urge, and competes in boxing at a semi professional level. He hardly ever rides with the other Glass House Boys, but is said to be courting one of Andrew Baker’s mortal daughters (despite the same last name their closest kin tie is about third cousin).

Doug Mori

An older wolf and an outsider. Banik brought him into the area. He seems to have weak Rage but very strong Primal Urge. Rumored to be unworldly. Lisa doesn’t know much else about him.

Ivan Carter

A local, but not from a family of known kin. He turned about a year ago and seemed to want to try a bit too hard to carve himself a position in the main pack. After causing trouble, and getting the shit beaten out of him, for the umpteenth time Garret effectively asked Banik to take him on which he did, saving Ivan from having to undergo trial by the mountain spirits. Ivan would out there riding and drug dealing every day if Banik would let him. Rumor has it however that he’s kept on a very short leash.

The Baker Clan


A big sprawling clan of mortal families in the area, many of whom are wolf kin. There are lots of branches of this family, especially around Caboolture, Burpengary, and Beerburrum. Lisa has just mentioned some of the major personalities.

Old Ma’am Baker

The grandmother / matriarch of the clan. Mortal but half blind and rumored to have the second sight. Knows full well about the wolves and is shown respect even by people like Andrew Baker, Garret Rankin, and Larry Banik. She’s treated as an equal by James Baker.

Amanda Neives

A Baker by birth, married to Phil Neives (of the Crow pack). She knows of pack buisness, and is a friend of both Lisa and Bailey White.

Tomas Baker

A mortal middle aged man who is high up in the Caboolture police force and acts as liaison for pack business. Said to make a lot of money from kickbacks.

The Neives clan


Another old and sprawling family of kin folk from the area, distinct from but highly intermarried with the Bakers.

Samuel Neives

An old pineapple farmer, patriarch of the Neives’s. He never turned himself, but is said to be beloved of the Headless Giant. Owns a big property out the back of the Glass House Mountains where many kin folk and wolves go for sunday dinners, etc. He’s an old crony of James and Frank.

Samatha Baker

Married to Andrew Baker (ex leader of the main pack) and thus has quite a high standing in the area. Helps run the concreting business, and is said to hate anything to do with werewolves and organised crime. Lisa only met her once, they didn’t get along.

Simon Neives

A mortal. Local Councillor and business man who’s on the take from the Glass House Boys. He has high prestige among the local mortal community.

Lone Wolves


Technically not part of the packs, Lisa knows of a couple of other notable wolves from the greater area.

Bryan Amis

A local lad who turned half a year ago, but who absolutely refuses to join the main pack. He works as a kitchen hand and is said to be unstable. Before the apocalypse there was a rumor that he would soon be put down.

Old Sam

Half legend, an old feral wolf who lurks in the state forests. He’s rumored to roam mainly up around Kenilworth and to be a Vietnam War veteran. There is also a rumor that he’s been cursed by the spirits, that his Rage and Primal Urge have been crippled until he hunts enough wyrm spirits to achieve redemption. James Baker declared him untouchable many years ago, and the declaration was reiterated by Frank O’Kelly when he took overall leadership. It is whispered that the declaration was at the direct bidding of the Headless Giant.

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