Kapre Aswang

Session 12

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Evening, Day One


By headlight through ruined suburbs the characters return from their trip with Charlotte and Timmy safely in the car. There is a volcanic glow in the west, and there is a noticeably safer feel to Belinda’s street compared to the malevolence inducing sense that monsters hunt the ruins of paddinton and toowong.

In the car Saul goes through the mobile phones taken off the vampire fledgelings they’ve just killed. Two of them aren’t locked and he reads through messages and cached facebook posts (do phones even cache webpages?). It seems the vamps were just down and out dudes up to a few days ago. Some kind of cult or pyramid scheme has been recruiting them with promises of power and freedom. There are messages about some kind of meeting or demonstration in the basement of a caxton st pub that had been scheduled for the night of the fall. No idea what the result was however as the phone services would have went down about that time. Saul takes note of names and places mentioned.

Timmy is quite traumatised. Evan and Charlotte take him over to the good samaritan house where they find the (many) occupants having a barbeque. It seems the survivors found some defrosting meat and are set to enjoy it before it can spoil. Gao (Garry) Choi, the man at the grill seems to be emerging as a leader among these folk. Evan and Charlotte talk with him a while. Garry asks about how it is out there, if they’ve heard of anyplace safer to go, like a crisis response center or government refugee or such. He seems worried that the apparant safety of the street can’t last.

Evan reinforces, “It’s bad out there, real bad”. Charlotte tells her story of the waking in ruins of toowong. At Evan’s (whispered?) urging she uses her social skills to suss out the people at the bbq, determining that they are indeed genuinely people who’ve come together after an appocalyptic crisis without (she’s fairly sure) any spys among them. Meanwhile Garry sounds them out about organising a run on a grocery store for supplies. The characters indicate they’re ameinable but say they’ve got things to do first, “gotta go pick up a mate”.

Back at Belinda’s house the character’s reload. Charlotte grabs a nine millimeter handgun. Evan takes some of the remaining guns and ammo, wraps them in a tarp and buries them in a hole under the floor of the pool shed in the back yard. Piling stuff from the shed over the filled in hole to conceal the fresh dirt.

Road Trip

Taking the same fourwheel drive the Saul, Evan, and Charlotte head back out, aiming for Samford. There is some temptation to take the quicker path past the army barracks, but they opt (again) to head out through the gap.

Elemental force still flows from the rent on Mt Cootha. Things are quiet in the gap. It’s about five hours after sunset at this point. The houses here aren’t flood damaged like the ones in lower lying areas, but there the characters’ spirit sense is tickling just enough sense of menace to give them the idea that any humans who remain are hiding, cowering from monsters in the dark.

They pass an overturned car with the flicker of unlife within. Saul pulls over, stays behind the wheel with the motor running. Charlotte and Evan walk back to the crashed vehicle. Inside the half eaten corpse of the driver hangs in its seat belt, while the zombie of his passenger crawls on all fours, too stupid to unlock the door. It looks up and groans. Charlotte lines up her handgun, shoots through the side window, blowing away half of the zombie’s head. As it crawls out through broken glass Evan finishes it with a blow from his kukri.

The pair kneel and devour the zombie, discovering that it is carrying a human soul fragment and some raw essence in its “stomach” as well as the sparse fragments remaining in its tattered soul. It screams as its devoured, just like everything else they’ve torn the soul of apart. Saul notices other forms shuffling toward the sound, from between houses, from within the servo across the street. He beeps the horn, “lets go!” Finished devouring, but not looting, Charlotte and Evan run for the car. Saul gets them back on the road.

Further out, more into the rural darkness, the headlights gleam from the white clothes of a figure staggering blindly down the middle of the road toward the city. Spirit sight shows the unlife within it, Saul steps on the accelerator, hitting the zombie square on so that the bull bars throw it under the car. They stop and devour the road kill. This zombie too has some fragments and essence in its belly. Its scream doesn’t bring others from the paddocks around them. Getting back in the car they head onwards.

At the Safehouse

The safehouse is a fair way into the scrub, a small queenslander at the end of a long gravel drive. Liam greets the characters from the veranda with a shotgun in his hands. He seems happy to see them, but says to get in quick, “something’s been snuffling around”.

Inside, Stix, armless Curtis, and one legged Quentin, all seem in good spirits and health (considering). They’re ready to go, bags packed, but leaving the house stocked. Isobella is well overdue to meet up with them and they’re definately not feeling safe with the thing outside stalking the house.

The characters leave. Saul is helping Stix and the injured. Evan is struck with a sudden sense of chivalry, insisting on ladies first. So Charlotte is the first through the door, handgun ready. Of course a large hairy man emerges from the shrubery by their car as she reaches the top of the veranda steps. “The taint!” it cries, “You’re the source!” and it leaps the ten meters or so between them, growing into a nine foot tall wolf headed monstrosity as it crosses the air between them.

Charlotte ducks that first blow and the werewolf’s swing smashes through the four by four timber post beside her. The doorway is crowded, firing her handgun she retreats down the veranda to the corner of the house. Saul steps forward and to the beast’s other side. He fires both barrels from his sawn off shotgun, but bad luck and bad lighting see most of the lead pellets scattering into the yard. Evan swings kukri and machete in coordinated move he’s been practicing, drawing blood. The silver inlaid into the kukri raises a burning stench as the knife cuts in. Evan (mr heartwood) jumps back for the protection of the doorway, leaving Saul exposed. From the front window Liam fires his shotgun and Quentin (propped against the frame) blasts away to good effect with his great big .45 revolver. Stix and Curtis can be heard screaming and gibbering inside, taken by the werewolf’s lunacy.

Supernaturally quick, and visibly regenerating, the raging wolf man follows up on its first swipe, claws rip up through Saul’s chest. Before anyone else can act it smashes into Saul again, bringing him a hairs breath from death. Charlotte switches to her uzi, emptying a full clip into the beast giving Saul, regenerating himself, the opening he needs to fumble two fresh shells into his shotgun and fire both barrels into the beast at point blank range.

The werewolf goes down, falling through the veranda railing into the yard, reverting into the form of a middle aged bikie looking fella as it goes down. Quick as a flash the three awakened are after it. The dead bikies scream echoes through the scrub as they devour his soul. It’s a rich one, yielding strength and skill at brawling, and several fragments of unknown spiritual gifts. Evan and Charlotte absorb choice bits, but Saul holds back. With his malevolence raised and his will still depleted he’s riding the edge of temptation to kill and devour everyone here as it is.

Liam brings Isobella’s car around. Everyone loads up, gets in, and leaves. The trip back is much quieter. The characters spot the lights of looters in a servo, but after a glance at each other, and at the car behind, they don’t stop to play.

Back at the house

Charlotte goes for a shower, some clean clothes, and makes some food. Evan drops onto the couch and takes a nap, to dream of the Tree and break some fragments down into raw essence while he’s there.

Some regeneration is done, but the adaptation process is left unstarted.

Midnight comes, the Tree gains an influx of essence from Isobella’s followers, and from the samaritan house folk across the road. Combined with the rich haul of fragments from the werewolf this brings the Tree’s reserves over one hundred points. It grows, achieving the third stage. Characters can now achieve release level three as well as potential learn and use third dot powers, and also spend three essence per day ameliorating instability or assimilating essence.

Saul ameliorates down some instability. Charlotte ameliorates one point (to rid herself of zombie infection), then assimilates essence to gain her first dot domain power (spirit sight) and aspect power (petal fall hair). Saul learns his third dot domain power (spirit step). { Edit apparently I was wrong about that he musta just ameliorated }

Saul stays up talking with Quentin. He gets more of the story of the ghoul’s long life with Isobella, from when she retained him in the african colonies circa 1940s through time in europe where she worked as a Tremere consultant to Camarilla princes. It seems she specialized in the rituals for dealing with rents, werewolf caerns, and the fonts of mages. They mainly lived in england, which is where all her more recent retainers come from, although he thinks Isobella herself originally came from spain. They moved to brisbane about five years ago, on assignment from Camarilla elders to assist Prince Roarke in keeping the Mt Cootha rent sealed.

Quentin doesn’t seem to hold much hope that Isobella has survived. He says she’d have had magical ways to get into contact if she was still alive. He’s potentially looking at his own death now, as without her blood he thinks his age will start to catch up with him. He gives Saul more info on the other vampires of prince Roarke’s court (I’ll do this next week), and tells Saul about other safe houses and gear stashes he knows of (again, next week). He also gives Saul the codes for the bunker in Isobella’s house.

Daytime comes. Evan and Saul sleep (vampire taint). Charlotte (the former office lady) finds Evan has left a roll of barbed wire for her and instructions on how to string it up along the boundary now that there’s no chance of council complaints. Somehow… the fence falls down. Totally nothing to do with Charlotte, nothing at all…

There we leave it for the week.


The Tree is now Stage 3, and 4/40th of the way to its next level of growth. It has heaps of fragments and some essence in reserve.

Charlotte is Indulgent and in good health with minor vampiric and minor werewolf taint.

Evan is Indulgent, in good health, with solid vampiric taint.

Saul is Indulgent, injured, with solid vampiric taint.

Thanks for reading :)

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