Kapre Aswang

updates for 15


Changed Body Armour:

Its bonus to soak now only applies to body shots (not head or limb shots).
The effects of body armour now stack with body hardening powers.

Changed Gift of Might – Dot 1 – Mighty Blow:

It can now be used with any melee attack (including machete blows).
It now has a variable aura cost.
Specified that this cost is per use.
Maximum aura expenditure per use equals character’s current release level.
The attack now gains a dice for each point of aura expended.
The rest as per normal.

Changed Protean – Dot 2 – Claws of the Beast:

It now has a variable aura cost.
Its now a minor action to transform.
Specified that the transformation lasts the scene.
Claw and bite transformations now do +1 dice damage per effect level and may do aggravated damage at higher effect levels.
Hide, scale, chitin, etc transformations now give +1 dice to soak per odd effect level. This no longer conflicts with other body hardening effects.
Made it so that facilitator transformations require a higher effect level if larger, more fantastical. Removed the ‘no wings’ limitation.
Added ability to improve a transformation’s effect level (up to release level). If release level drops below effect level then effect level drops to match.
Removed prohibition against concurrent transformations.

Changed Domain – Dot 0 – Devour:

When devouring a soul may now break down fragments into raw essence as they pass through the character into the Tree.

Changed Protean – Dot 3 – Meld:

It now works on any wood (of sufficient size), not just living wood.
Now and extended action, requiring successes equal to body size (5 for humans).
Melding character is now vulnerable while melding in, melding out is quick.
Learning how to meld into another substance is a way to acquire / reveal a secondary elemental trait.

Swapped the order of Obtenebration dot 3 and 4:

Wouldn’t even mention this usually except that you guys are able to sense what obtenebration three does, so yeah… Flesh of Darkness anyone? :)



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