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updates for 16

Specified Weapon Damage:

Sledge hammers definitely do Lethal damage. Muhahahaha

To illustrate the boundary where impact starts doing lethal I’ve stated up some other weapons:

Golf clubs do Lethal but are awkward.

Brass Knuckles do bashing.

Police batons do Bashing (they’re designed to be just below the threshold of dealing lethal injurys).

Heavy steel pipe does Lethal (it’ll cave in a skull).

Changed Cumbersome penalty:

It now applies to all actions, except attacks with the weapon. Basically cumbersome is now the effect that carrying the item has on other stuff you do (running, jumping, rolling, etc).

Awkward (bonus to victims dodge) or a direct penalty to attack roll are now used to model weapons that are harder to attack with as such:

Length of chain gets “-1 dice to attack”

Chainsaw’s awkward penalty increases from 3 to 4 as does its cumbersome penalty (note this is actually two to three dice improvement in attack dice pool due to the change).

Added “Resurrect” as a usage of Regeneration

From the Tree a character spends essence to roll dice in attempt to heal the overkill until can revive.

Added notes on effects of dying:

In malevolence noted that death wipes current malevolence.

In Release Level noted death drops release level (and therefore all powers).

In Aura noted that aura leaks away at one point per round but can be reclaimed.

Clarified differences between Aura level, Effect level, and Per Aura spent:

Wrote it up on the Aura page.

Removed some (now redundant) clauses from protean 2, and flesh of darkness.

Changed Smothering Shadows to ‘per aura spent’ (sort of).

Noted that benefits of spending aura on Mighty Blow limited to release or dots.

Changed Spirit Sight:

Now a minor action to activate.

Changed Mind’s Reach (yet again):

No longer need multiple people to raise mind’s reach in a location to gain gestalt bonus, just multiple people in the gestalt at one location.

Made a usage of the power such that the character who raised mind’s reach can split their awareness between vessels location and the Tree, potentially using spirit sense and cries of the world to track followers / the desperate as if they were at the Tree. And even being able to break down fragments into essence as if they were at the Tree (by concentrating hard).

rearranged clauses so the passive benefits of gestalt were a bit clearer.

tweaked wordings so it clear that everyone in gestalt can use telepathy and try to use each other’s senses.

Elaborated fragment breakdown from Growth stage One:

Breaking down a fragment is a minor action.

Can break down a number of fragments equal to Tree’s growth stage per turn.

I want to change the names for protean one and two, but can’t think of anything better than ‘minor transformation’ and ‘partial transformation’… any ideas?


Maybe ’Totem’s Insight’ and ’Totem’s Gift’ or something for Protean 1 and 2?

updates for 16

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