Kapre Aswang

updates for 18

Changed the dots on the following powers:

Devour, back to dot 0.
Absorb, now dot 1.
Enhance, now dot 2.

Note – I’ll update your sheets in game (you’ll prob all end up with enhance as a result).

Note – This isn’t quite the end of the power reshuffle. I intend to consolidate generate aura into a 0 lvl outward power, and move your aspect powers down a dot to compensate. I just don’t have time to consider it properly and action it this week sorry.

Added Recapture:

The new dot three inward power.

Changed successive action penalty:

Now reduces initiative score after you take you main, but no longer affects initiative rolls.

Wound Penalties now affect initiative rolls.

Changed some Costs:

Reverie now costs 1 aura to use.



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