Kapre Aswang

updates (wk 13)


Absorption no longer lowers the amount of Amelioration and/or Assimilation a character can do in a day. Absorption still increases instability, and amelioration/assimilation combined is still limited to essence equal to the trees growth stage per day. But absorbing soul fragments no longer effects how much essence you can assimilate/ameliorate in a particular day.

Added the Double Cut Maneuver (brawl 3). Requires two hand held melee weapons. Reduces victim’s dodge by 1 dice. Produces multiple smaller wounds of weapons lethality type. Cannot be targeted against a single body part. Is soaked against as a single attack.

Changed the way spent essence is marked in play. Instead of handing a clear spent essence token am getting people to keep track of how much essence they’ve spent in the scene using a dice. Calling this number Malevolence. This makes it a bit harder to mark which attributes people are pumping as they go up release levels and which powers have been activated etc. But it makes it much clearer that aura is a resource you can spend while malevolence (spent essence) is not. Also makes it easier to relate to how [(malevolence + instability) / current will] gives temptation stage, while [malevolence + aura] gives release level.

Being stricter on the beginning of round being time you get opportunity to generate aura and amount of aura you can generate in a round being equal to current release level. (especially now that aura is only fuel can use to use or activate powers).

Rewrote grapple (again).

Grab is now a main action, which (if successful) starts a grapple with advantage and allows to extend into an imediate (suitable) attack on victim as part of the same action.

Grapple is a minor action. It is opposed by Resist Grapple, (a minor action that cancels grapple roll successes but can’t give you advantage). Being grappled with advantage against you no longer prevents you taking actions, but the advantage penalizes the rolls of your actions (attacks as well as grapple, dodge, and resist grapple etc). Of course you can’t take an action if you have no dice pool left for that action.

Ended up rewriting tackle, and lock/choke, as well as tweaking a bunch of other brawl maneuvers.



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