Caibre Tiobraide

The Prince's Boon Companion


Called ‘Tio’ for short.

A dark eyed, dark curly haired irish werewolf. Boon companion and ghoul of Prince Rourke and very likely also his lover.

Part of the Prince’s Household. Possibly also acts as the Prince’s hunter killer.



Tuesday 2nd August Tio delivered seven infected humans from the Prince’s household (including Harry Lhamo) to the character’s at Isobella’s house. He seemed excited by the atmosphere of chaos and impending doom.
Thursday 28th July 2016 Character’s saw Tio chatting up some rich ladies near the Prince at an event in Performing Arts Center
Late July The characters met this character in elysium when attending the prince’s summons.

Caibre Tiobraide

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