Anthony's Daughter


Anthony’s adult daughter. Lives in Nundah.

She’d grown distant from the old man over the years, with a family and worries of her own. The two reconciled when he entered the palliative care stage of illness.

He later discovered that she’d used her power of attorney to sell of his unit, pocketing some of the money but using much of it to pay his medical bills.

They remain reconciled, especially as, after his recovery, he was able to convince her to return the $100,000 remaining. Their relationship has grown closer after he left hospital.



Late June Contacts Anthony to have coffee. They have a pleasant morning she seeming genuinely happy to see him and unworried by his rejuvenation. They agree to catch up more often
Mid June Fresh out of hospital Anthony visited, managing to convince her to return the money of his that she was holding.


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