Patrick Nalis

Not so much a Friend anymore


Looks like a young rough bikie. Member of the Lunatic werewolf tribe / bikie gang. A werewolf himself. Leads a pack who run drugs into the city.

Had dealings with Donald (who considered him a friend), but shot Donald dead after getting bad information about a snitch. Reconciled (somewhat) with Donald after he rose again as an Awakened of the Tree, claiming Donald might just be the werewolves’ ‘Messiah’.

Known Allegiances

Lunatics He’s got enough rank to be putting deals together, and deciding when to cut his losses.



Tuesday 2nd August Patrick hijacks Donald after spotting him at a servo. Takes him to the Lunatic’s caern down south where the whole Lunatic tribe seem to be celebrating a ritual / apocalypse party. Donald got the impression that Patrick bringing him allowed the werewolf to regain face somehow with his people.
Early June Shot Donald after a drug deal (brokered by Hillary) gone wrong.

Patrick Nalis

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