Curtis Frazier

Wears suit and sunglasses at night


A young human man with one arm missing at the shoulder and the other at the elbow. Part of Isobella’s household.



Day 1 The characters pick him up and take him to Belinda’s house. They’re attacked by a werewolf, who they devour
Wednesday 3rd August Looses both arms fighting Maen Bok when bok and the The Burning Knives attack as part of The Black Priest’s Rebellion
Tuesday 2nd August Successfully resists Infection due to Anthonys healing.
Tuesday 2nd August Noticing that Curtis was ill Anthony used Spirit Sight to see the parasyte spirit clinging to Curtis’ brain stem. Scent of Life seemed to help the body, if not directly attack the parasyte.
Thursday 28th July He and Isobella’s Driver drove Isobella and the characters to and from elysium when she took them to a performance the prince had ordered they attend.

Curtis Frazier

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