Abigail Pratt



At first glance an uptight woman in business apparel with a faint upper class english accent. Further acquaintance may reveal a person far older and wilder than surface appearances suggest.

A ghoul serving Isobella Yasley. Also her business manager and a member of her household who had been partnered with the (deceased) Benjamin Pratt.



Wednesday, 3rd August Accompanying Isobella and the characters into One Tree Hill rent in pursuit of intruders Abigail is killed in combat with vozhd monstrosities. Isobella flees carrying Abigail’s corpse to save Abigails soul (and her own) from being devoured by the (now very malevolent) characters.
Wednesday 3rd August Proves to be very tough in fight against Maen Bok and sabbat rebels. Accompanies Isobella and characters to mt cootha afterward.
Tuesday 2nd August The characters met Abigail at Isobella’s house when she brought Ben to them for healing.

Abigail Pratt

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