Quentin Gray

A suave ghoul


A well mannered chauffeur. A ghoul, and chief of the servants of Isobella Yasly, his left leg is missing from the knee down.

Quentin has been with Isobella at least eighty years and apparently grew up in african colonies during period of conflicts after world war one.



Day 1 The characters pick him up and take him to Belinda’s house. They’re attacked by a werewolf, who they devour
Wednesday 3rd August Gets his leg cut off by Maen Bok when sabbat rebels attack Isobella’s Home. After the fight is packed off to safety with other injured.
Tuesday 2nd August Quentin admitted the characters into Isobella’s house, and after seeing Anthony heal Curtis urged Isobella to let them see Zoe Nelson and Benjamin too.
Thursday 28th July He and Isobella’s bodyguard drove Isobella and the characters to and from elysium when she took them to a performance the prince had ordered they attend.

Quentin Gray

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