Liam Roche

A polite young man


A polite young(?) blond man. A ghoul, and member of Isobella’s household. Seems to serve as the keeper of Isobella’s sanctum and ritualist assistant.



Day 1 The characters pick him up and take him to Belinda’s house. They’re attacked by a werewolf, who they devour
Wednesday 3rd August Taken down early in the fight against Maen Bok and sabbat rebels. Later, partialy healed is detailed to drive other maimed survivors to safety.
Tuesday 2nd August The character’s encountered Liam assisting Isobella in treating Zoe Nelson for Infection. He looked wan as if she’d drawn heavily on him for blood.
Saturday 30th July 2016 He answered Isobella’s phone when Anthony rang looking for Isobella’s help with the blood hungry Erin. Told anthony that Isobella was ‘in isolation’ and that he’d get her to call back ‘when she emerges’ (which she did).

Liam Roche

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