Mikael Verneti



A slavic looking man, with an upright demeanor and neat, formal dress sense, also a powerful vampire of the Ventrue bloodline.

Mikael is the Bailiff for the Court of Brisbane, and works closely with Prince Rourke.



2nd August After gaining entry to Isobella’s house (as requested by Mikael) Anthony tried to ring the bailiff but the call went to voicemail. The character’s later overheard the Prince, on a call to Isobella, saying that the outbreak of Infection among vampires’ blood dolls was causing chaos and “Mikael is naught to be found”.
monday 1st August Mikael Verneti met Anthony for a drink, inquired if had been inside Isobella’s house. Seems Ehr Zhou has lost his psychic and blames Isobella. Mikael wants to check discretely without disrupting the working relation between Isobella and the Prince. Anthony indicates the characters will try and get inside.
Late July Isobella Yasly told the characters that Mikael was a Ventrue, and that the camarilla inner council he and Rourke from europe to Brisbane about 50 years ago to hold the city against the sabbat.
Late July The characters met this character when attending the prince’s summons to elysium for the first time.

Mikael Verneti

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