Scarred Vozhd

A twelve foot monstrosity - It's out there...


A vozhd monstrosity made by flesh crafting many humans into one insane shambling mass.

This creature stands twelve foot tall and about eight foot wide on two stumpy legs. It has several large main arms and a beaked maw where its head should be with smaller feeder arms around it. Tormented human faces stare from its blubbery leathery flesh in several places around its body.

It is assumed to have been crafted by Ulyana Olah, and probably holds a grudge against the characters.

Wednesday, 3rd August While chasing intruders into the One Tree Hill Rent Isobella Yasly and the characters were ambushed by this and another vozhd. They killed the other but only managed to drive this one off after it had killed Isobella’s ghoul Abigail and injured several of the party as well as soaking much of their available ammunition.

Scarred Vozhd

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