The Fat Man

The face of organised crime, and the gold coast vamps.


A hearty man who likes his food and has a gruff manner.

Sells guns under the table, and is involved in other organised crime activities.

Acts as emissary for Konstances Ulir Prince of the Gold Coast Vampires



Late July Saul met the fat man again at southside pub and made a deal to buy more guns (shotguns this time). Fat man said they should avoid meeting in person in future.
Late July Saw the fat man at Brisbane elysium when summoned by The Prince. Fat man was acting as Konstances’ emissary.
Mid July Saul bought some guns off of him in a pub on the south side. The deal was brokered by Stix, and the fat man indicated in no uncertain terms that if Saul’s use of the guns drew too much attention he’d be coming for Saul through Stix.

The Fat Man

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