Ulyana Olah

the ancient one


An ancient, Tzmisce who once ruled the city and was apparently overthrown by Camarilla agents and staked to ritually seal the One Tree Hill rent.

As a powerful figure of unknown alignment warrants being considered as her own faction, but since has been staked for a long time motives and capacities are unknown. Apparently was free enough to be able to fleshcraft two headed dog szhlacta and twelve foot tall vozhd monstrosities within the landscape of the rent itself.

It had been Isobella Yasley’s duty to maintain the wards and rituals and keep Ulyana bound in torpor.



Wednesday, 3rd August Isobella tells the characters a little about Ulyana after they encounter two headed dogs while persuing intruders into the bottom of the One Tree Hill rent. Soon after they are ambushed by vozhd, presumably of Ulyana’s creation.

Ulyana Olah

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