Zoe Nelson

a shuffling human girl


Died after succumbing to Infection. The parasyte which killed her and remnants of her soul were Devoured by Anthony.

A shuffling human girl with psychic abilities. A member of Zhou’s collection, who apparently was originally close to Isobella.

She prophesied on seeing the characters:

“You will know them by the Awakening”
“Shine the Black Sun! Shine the Red Moon!”
“The time of Thin Blood is upon us”
“The Wild Ones have come, those who eat Heart’s Blood”
“The Elders will rise”
“Death will flood the Streets”

She called Isobella for help (and was rescued by her) after Zhou’s people started getting sick in lead up to apocalypse, leading to the character’s encoutering her as the second case of Infection they’d seen.

Anthony Devoured the parasyte which had taken over her soul.



Tuesday 2nd August Anthony Devoured what remained of Zoe’s tattered soul along with the spiritual parasyte that had taken her over.
Monday 1st August 2016 The characters hear from Mikael Verneti that the psychic is missing, and that Zhou suspects Isobella.
Late July When the characters attended the Prince’s summons to elysium, Zhou brought the psychic girl in to examine them and she prophesied. Isobella seemed more interested in the psychic herself than the characters for some moments there.

Zoe Nelson

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