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  • The Black Priest's Rebellion

    This faction seems to have the aim of taking over the city (from its [[Vampire Rulers of the City | current rulers]]?) and ruling openly as vampires.

    *Members* |^. [[:the-black-priest | The Dark Priest]] |^. Leader? | |^. [[:marie | Marie …

  • The Sabbat

    Apparently a loose organisation of misguided idealists and anarchists who are manipulated via religious ceremony and cult dynamics to do the bidding of the elders of certain bloodlines who wish to attack the rule of law and good order.

    *Known …

  • The Black Priest

    *Events* |^. Mid July |^. Both [[:issac | Issac]] and [[:erin-mcarthy | Erin]] described how the dark priest had co-opted the [[The R-Zee's | R-Zee's]] into his [[The …