Aspect of Roots - Dot 0 - Burrowing Roots

The character’s aura transforms. Spiritual roots extend from the character’s touch, burrowing through all suitable matter within a certain volume.

Activation The character Manifests Aura.
Cost None
Action Automatic
Duration While the character has manifested aura remaining.
Effect The character’s aura transforms, flowing outward from its touch to infiltrate all solid, contiguous, non-living material within up to one meter per point of aura.
Note The character’s initial point of contact can be anywhere within the volume the roots will fill.
Note The character can shift the volume (and therefore area of root infestation) by up to 1 meter per round as a free action.
Note If the character moves out of contact with its root aura, but remains nearby, the aura will continue contributing to its release level. It can spend from the aura to use powers, and points of aura the character generates will add to that aura.
Note If the character moves far away from its aura, or if the character wills it, the aura will encyst. An encysted aura dissipates slowly (over hours or days). It does not contribute to release level. The character can still sense through the aura and use powers from it but may suffer penalties for distant control. A character can have multiple encysted aura. They all count toward its maximum aura limit.
Note The aura can be detected as a supernatural phenomena.

While the character’s burrowing roots exists, it can sense, and draw moisture, through the aura.

Cost None
Action Maneuver used
Effect The character can sense the moisture, density and texture of the material their aura is infiltrating, as well as vibrations and pressure changes in the material.
Effect +2 dice to spirit sense or spirit sight rolls for observing supernatural phenomena that the aura is touching upon, (including people walking over it).
Effect If moisture is present in the infiltrated material the character can draw it out to satisfy their thirst.

Aspect of Roots - Dot 0 - Burrowing Roots

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