Aspect of Roots - Dot 2 - Entanglement

The character causes their aura of roots to entangle an opponent who is touching a surface the aura currently infests.

Requires Target must be standing on or substantially touching material infiltrated by the character’s roots aura.
Cost No up front cost.
Action Minor
Roll [Wits + Brawl + Release Level up to dots in aspect of roots]
Effect Roots from the character’s aura burst out in an attempt to entangle whichever of the target’s body parts is touching the substrate the character’s roots aura infests.
Effect If the attack roll is successful the character may invest up to one aura per success into an entanglement effect as the roots cling to the target.
Effect While entangled the target can’t move away and takes a penalty physical actions (including attempts to break free) equal to the Effect Level of the entanglement.
Note The effect level of the entanglement is determined by the amount of aura invested into it. As with most effect level transformations this can be improved by repeated uses (rolling to attack each time) but maxes at the character’s Release Level, up to their dots in roots aspect.
Note The entanglement lasts until either: the target breaks free (see below), the character withdraws the invested aura (see below), or until the aura dissipates (occurs as if the aura is encysted).
Note The target can attempt to free themselves from entanglement using the Break Free maneuver. Each success destroys one point of the aura invested into the entanglement. Destroying the entanglement completely frees the target.
Note While invested into an entanglement aura counts towards the limit a character can have expressed. If the character is nearby, the invested aura also counts toward their Release Level. While invested however the aura in an entanglement is not available to the character for fueling other effects.
Note Entanglement is suitable for use with the Ready action, allowing entanglement attacks to be made outside the character’s turn when an opponent crosses substrate with aura in it.

The character can withdraw aura from an entanglement back into the substrate from which it came.

Cost None
Action Minor
Effect The aura retreats into the substrate at the location of the entanglement. If the character is still nearby the aura is available to fuel powers. If the character is far away the aura encysts. Removing aura may decrease the Effect Level of an entanglement, removing all invested aura dissipates an entanglement completely.

Aspect of Roots - Dot 2 - Entanglement

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