Combat Sequence

Combat occurs in rounds.

At the start of each round all combatants roll initiative. The result adds to their initiative score from the last round.

Each combatant takes their turn(s). Start with the combatant with highest initiative and work down. Even combatants with negative initiative scores get (eventually) to have their turn.

Within each combatant’s turn:

Generate Aura ( roots, heartwood, leaves), or resist the Temptation to do so.

Resolve any other Temptation checks.

Take any other Start of Turn actions.

Take Negligible and Minor actions.

Take a Main action (usually an attack).

Take any other Negligible or Minor actions.

Declare the end of your turn.

To resolve an Attack:

Roll the attack maneuver.

Roll the defensive maneuver (if able).

Add or roll bonus damage (if any).

Soak (if able).

Assign Damage (if any attack successes remain).

Determine state of injured combatant.

Combat Sequence

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