Concepts - Innate - Aura

Aura is measured in points.

An awakened Manifests aura into the world by drawing Essence from their domain.

Manifested aura can be Spent or Invested using powers to produce effects and transformations. Once Invested aura can not be spent or invested into other effects.

The maximum points of Aura an Awakened can have in the world at one time (Manifest or Invested) equals the threshold value of their Domain’s growth stage.

The Aura an Awakened has in the world (manifest or invested) contributes to their Release Level, as long as it is within a reasonable distance of their body.

Manifestations and Investment effects or transformations each have an Effect Level. This is calculated by comparing the points of aura manifest or invested in each against the standard thresholds. It determines how powerful the effects of the manifestation, transformation, or other effect are.

Aura usually starts dissipating after the scene in which it was manifested. Transformations and effects weaken and revert as the aura invested in them dissipates.

Some investment effects persist longer (eg Seeds of Life, or Bestowal), and some manifestations can encyst causing them to dissipate more slowly (see below).

Awakened can deliberately dissipate aura from a manifestation with an alternate usage of Manifest.

Awakened can try to reclaim aura using Circulate.

Manifestations which Encyst do so if the Awakened moves far enough away from them. Encysted aura dissipates more slowly and doesn’t contribute to release level. An Awakened may still be able to sense and use powers from encysted aura but will take penalties for distance.

Concepts - Innate - Aura

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