Concepts - Innate - Aura

Aura is the stuff with which Awakened work changes upon the world.

Aura is measured in points.

The Awakened’s skill (successes on rolls) determines how much aura they can manifest, invest, spend, and otherwise move around or utilize with each action.

Aura can be Manifested:

The first power in each Aspect / Discipline / Gift / Psychic Endowment etc is usually a manifestation power. These use Draw Essence, Circulate, or similar to obtain the aura needed.

The urge to Manifest Aura is one of the most basic Temptations an Awakened experiences.

Manifesting Aura (nearby) raises an Awakened’s Release Level.

Drawing Essence to Manifest aura increases an Awakened’s Malevolence.

Manifestations usually have an effect on the world. The strength of the effect is determined by the manifestation’s Effect Level (see below). The effect will last as long as there is aura in the manifestation.

Manifestations are the reservoir from which other powers can take Aura to Spend or Invest.

There is no limit to how much aura aura a manifestation can hold, (well go sick until you drain the Tree dry of Essence I guess).

Aura can be Invested:

This is done using a power.

Each investment usually requires aura from a specific manifestation. Introspection, Extrospection, Celerity, Fortitude, and Potence investments are the exception to this rule, being able to take aura from any manifestation.

The Aura in nearby Investments helps sustain an Awakened’s Release Level.

Investments usually produce ongoing effects. The effect’s strength is usually determined by the Investment’s Effect Level (see below). The effect will last as long as there is Aura in the Investment.

Investments cannot usually be used as a source of Aura by other powers (unless the power specifically says so).

The maximum amount of Aura which can be put into a single investment is the amount which makes the Investment’s Effect Level equal Growth Stage. Generally only one Investment of a particular type can be put on a particular victim.

Aura can be Spent:

A power which spends aura will usually say which type (manifestation) of aura is required.

Powers which spend aura usually produce once off effects. The size of the effect is usually directly proportional to the amount of aura spent.

Spending Aura is likely to lower an Awakened’s Release Level.

Effect Levels

Gives the strength of the effects of a Manifestation or Investment.

Determined by the threshold value of Aura in the manifestation or investment, up to a maximum level equal to the Domain’s Growth Stage.

Note that the actual level of aura in a manifestation or investment can exceed its Effect Level (due to effect level maxing out). This won’t improve the strength of the effect but might improve its duration (see below).


After a scene, most Manifestations and Investments dissipate over time.

High Malevolence sustains aura, delaying its dissipation. While total Malevolence is higher than total Aura manifest and invested (inc distant manifestations etc), the Aura doesn’t dissipate.

Once Malevolence is equal to or less than total Aura, Aura will begin to dissipate. If total Aura is at level 5 or less, then 1 level worth of aura will dissipate each 10 minute. At levels 6+ it takes an hour for each level to dissipate.

The Awakened gets to chose from which manifestations or investments Aura dissipates each time (even at a distance). They can also dissipate Aura deliberately, or attempt to Circulate it deliberately.

Note: Aura does not dissipate in the Domain.


Some Manifestations and Investments are Persistent. The Aura in them is immune to natural dissipation.

Persistent Aura does not count toward total Aura for the purposes of determining if Aura dissipates from other manifestations and investments.


When an Awakened is separated by sufficient distance from a manifestation or investment of aura, then that aura stops contributing to Release Level.

Awakened can’t spend distant aura to use powers at their location. By using Domain Dreaming however they can spend distant aura at its location, with the amount of aura at that location determining ‘release level’.

Awakened can use Cries of the World to glimpse the situation of distant aura, gaining bonus dice equal to the distant aura’s Effect Level.

Distant aura does not count toward total Aura for the purposes of determining if Aura dissipates from other manifestations and investments. The aura in one location dissipates as a set.


Aura comes in types, for example: Tree, Magmic, Psychic, Spiritual, Darkness.

Each manifestation or investment is made from a specific type of aura. Aura of a different type will not go into a manifestation (eg: you can’t use Magmic aura to manifest Petal Fall Hair).

When using Draw Essence to fuel a Manifestation power, the manifestation power transforms the essence into the appropriate type of Aura. Manifestation powers can’t transform one type of aura into another however.

Type is represented in game by the color of the token. That’s pretty much all I can think to say about type.


Corporeal manifestations and investments have a Size stat as well as the Aura in them. Written [aura / size]).

When the aura in a corporeal manifestation or investment is depleted it doesn’t disappear immediately. It’s Effect Level is reduced, but it maintains physical size, although it may look faded, withered, or cracked.

Instead, while [Size] is greater than [Aura], corporeal manifestations and investments lose [Size] over time. Up to Size Level 5 they lose 1 size per week, (higher size levels decay more slowly). As Size decreases the manifestation or investment physically shrinks or crumbles away. When size hits 0 it is gone.

Corporeal manifestations usually, but not always, exist physically.

They usually require a point of Will to create or expand, but can be replenished with aura alone. You can spend Will on the roll even when spending Will as part of the power’s cost.

The Aura in a corporeal investment is often also persistent and pseudo-quintessent.


Some manifestations and investments can be used as if they were a magical material:

Grade is determined by effect level.

Traits are determined by the type of Aura, and specific properties of the manifestation or investment.

Effects that would consume Quintessence consume Aura instead. If the manifestation or investment is Corporeal as well then consumption of Quintessence also destroys [size].

It’s not a true magical material however:

Only Essence can be extracted from the aura contained within, not Primal Essence, regardless of Grade.

The aura contained within still contributes to creator Awakened’s Release Level.

Pseudo-Quentessent aura is often also Persistent and Corporeal.

Given enough time (decades? hundreds of years?) psuedo-quentessent manifestations and investments may condense into true magical materials, no longer containing aura, containing true quintessence instead, thus becoming capable of yielding higher grade essence, and no longer contributing to Release Level.

Concepts - Innate - Aura

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