Concepts - Innate - Instability

The process of Merging with a mortal, and later of Absorbing various Fragments of other creatures’ souls builds up Instability in the Awakened.

An Awakened can reduce their instability by Assimilating some Essence from their Domain.

Total Instability contributes to an Awakened’s Temptation State.

Instability acquired from each creature type can create side effects in the Awakened depending on the Level of Instability of each type they’ve accumulated (taint).

Animal Instability side effects

Taint Level Side Effect
1 Shit suddenly smells… goood?!?
2 Distracting impulses (penalties to actions if there is a potential predator, prey, or competitor type stimulus nearby).
3 Animalistic twitches (meows, scratching yourself, panting etc -1 to all social rolls).
4 Life is in the moment (boost Wits by 1, suppress Intellect, Manipulation, and Resolve by 1 each).
5 What am I? (Will check not to have a mini blackout and come to acting like an animal when exposed to certain stimulus like food, car windows, catnip, etc).

Human Instability side effects

Taint Level Side Effect
1 No noticeable effect.
2 No noticeable effect.
3 It’s one explanation for erratic behavior.
4 Whispers on the edges of your mind (-1 perception checks).
5 Getting hard to distinguish what is real (suppress Wits, Intellect, and Composure by 1).

Vampiric Instability side effects

Taint Level Side Effect
1 The sun seems bright today.
2 Sunlight blisters your skin (basing damage per scene exposure sunlight).
3 The Light! It Burns! (one bashing per round).
4 ARRRRG! SUNLIGHT! (one lethal per round).
5 Torpor during the day, one aggravated per round in sun.

Werewolf Instability side effects

Taint Level Side Effect
1 The moon… It’s fascinating.
2 Silver burns, (prolonged skin contact causes bashing damage, prolonged contact within lethal wounds upgrades wounds to Aggravated).
3 “Fuck you! I’m the Alpha!” (Will check not to rage when hurt, humiliated, frightened, or surprised – no benefits sorry, just attack for at least 1 round).
4 “Aroooooooo” (Will not to act like an irrational beast during ‘your’ moon phase.)
5 “The spirits… They demand loyalty!” (Penalties to resist coercion greater spirits).

Zombie Instability side effects

Taint Level Side Effect
1 “Urgh”.
2 “So hungry”
3 The sun is oppressive, (-1 Perception and Movement in sunlight).
4 Life… failing… (Healing rates halved, Will cannot be regained.
5 There’s something… out there… (Daily Will checks to resist the call).

Concepts - Innate - Instability

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