Concepts - Innate - Malevolence

The Awakened are not human. They are aspects of a Domain merged with human soul and flesh. At there core they are an indomitable force of violent confidence, free from human guilt, fear, or revulsion, which revels in chaos and destruction.

Malevolence is the emergence of an Awakened’s true nature.

It is measured in points.

Drawing on the Domain to Manifest some Aura causes Malevolence to rise.

An Awakened’s Malevolence contributes to their Release Level.

An Awakened’s Malevolence contributes to their Temptation State.

After a scene Malevolence will dissipate. The more Malevolence an Awakened racks up the longer it will take to dissipate (storyteller’s discretion). Sometimes it will take quite a bit of quiet time for an Awakened to get themselves back under full control. Alternately a character may be able to ‘hold onto’ their Malevolence for some time with an act of Will.

It is important to note that even though the characters are inhumanly Malevolent monsters they will still feel a wide range of other emotions such as: empathy, admiration, enjoyment, respect, sadness, sympathy, and despair. They are still people, just not… normal people.

Concepts - Innate - Malevolence

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