Concepts - Innate - Malevolence

The Awakened are not human. They are aspects of a Domain merged with human soul and flesh. At there core they are an indomitable force of violent confidence, free from human guilt, fear, or revulsion, which revels in chaos and destruction.

Malevolence is the emergence of an Awakened’s true nature.

It is measured in points.

Manifesting Aura by drawing Essence from the Domain causes Malevolence to rise.

Malevolence contributes to an Awakened’s Temptation State.

Malevolence empowers the Awakened’s ability to resist supernatural coercion.

High Malevolence prevents Aura from dissipating. While an Awakened’s Malevolence is higher than the total Aura they have manifest / invested that Aura won’t dissipate.

Malevolence dissipates after a scene. Levels 5 and lower take 10 minutes per level, post action, to dissipate. Levels 6+ take an hour per level to dissipate. Each time a Level would dissipate an Awakened can make a Will check to try and hold onto their Malevolence. Alternately they can spend a Will to do so automatically.

It is important to note that even though the characters are inhumanly Malevolent monsters they will still feel a wide range of other emotions such as: empathy, admiration, enjoyment, respect, sadness, sympathy, and despair. They are still people, just not… normal people.

Concepts - Innate - Malevolence

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