Concepts - Innate - Other Powers

Appropriated Powers are powers an Awakened has acquired by Absorbing some of the Soul Fragments they have Devoured from their victims.

Appropriated Powers are not part of the Domain or of the Aspect possessing an Awakened. They are specific to that Awakened body. If an Aspect takes more than one mortal vessel it can’t use the Appropriated Powers acquired in one Awakened body through their other Awakened bodies.

Note that Appropriated Powers may be sacrificed to the Domain so that it can develop Innate versions of lines of Other Powers via Adaption.

Once acquired, Appropriated Powers may also be advanced via study and training just like mundane skills. This is likely to be prohibitively slow.

Note – to use a power the Awakened’s current Release Level must be at least the dot of that power.

Concepts - Innate - Other Powers

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