Concepts - Innate - Release Level

Release Level is a measure of an Awakened’s currently available supernatural strength.

It usually starts at 0 and rises over a scene.

To find Release Level add Malevolence to all Aura the Awakened has Manifest or Invested within a reasonable distance of their body and compare it on the Standard Thresholds table.

Raising Release Level allows a character to Manifest more Aura per turn.

Raising Release Level allows an Awakened to use their powers. An Awakened can only use powers of dot equal to or lower than their current release level.

Raising Release Level increases the intensity to which an Awakened can use their powers. Release Level equals the maximum Effect Level a n Awakened can produce.

Raising Release Level raises a character’s dice pools for supernatural effects, up to the number of dots the character has in the line of powers being used.

Raising Release Level makes it easier to sense an Awakened supernaturally. It can be kinda “loud”.

Release Level sustains ongoing powers. When Release Level drops, all active powers of that dot are lost. Any active powers of lower dot which have an Effect Level equal to Release Level have their Effect Level lowered to match the new Release Level. When Release Level drops below the dot of the power being used the effect dissipates.

Concepts - Innate - Release Level

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