Concepts - Innate - Release Level

Release Level is the current supernatural strength of an Awakened’s body.

It usually rises over a scene.

Manifesting (and Investing) Aura near an Awakened’s body raises its Release Level, up to a maximum equal to the Awakened’s Domain’s Growth Stage.

Ie: Release Level = threshold value of total aura nearby, up to Growth Stage.

Raising Release Level allows a character to draw more Essence from the Domain and therefore Manifest more Aura per turn.

Raising Release Level allows an Awakened to use their powers. An Awakened can only use powers of dot equal to or lower than their current release level.

Raising Release Level raises a character’s dice pools for supernatural effects. Release Level equals the maximum dice a character’s dots in a discipline / gift / psychic endowment etc can contribute to a roll.

Raising Release Level makes it easier to sense an Awakened supernaturally. It can be kinda “loud”.

Concepts - Innate - Release Level

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