Concepts - Innate - Soul Fragments

Soul Fragments are fragments of people souls…

They are most commonly acquired by Devouring victims.

They have the following properties:

Creature Type

This is the type of creature the fragment came from, (eg: human, vampire, etc).

It is also the type of Instability an Awakened would rack up if they Absorb the fragment, (important for levels of taint).


This is Attribute, Skill, Power, or Merit that the fragment came from.

The character would gain Experience points in this statistic if they Absorb the fragment.

Essence Value

This is how many Experience points and Instability a character would get from Absorbing the fragment.

This is also how many Essence would be created by breaking the fragment down.


The fragment may also contain remnants of the identity, hopes, and dreams of the person it was ripped out of.

Concepts - Innate - Soul Fragments

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