Concepts - Innate - Temptation State

As an Awakened becomes more Malevolent and / or Unstable it becomes more susceptible to certain Temptations. These relate to the Awakened’s monstrous nature which revels in violence and destruction.

At any given time an Awakened is at a Temptation State ranging from Calm to Ecstatic Abandon or even Perfect Introspection, (see below).

A character raises their Temptation State when [ Malevolence + Instability + Corruption] exceeds a 10x multiple of their Will.

Technically an Awakened is tempted to do all the things listed on the table below all of the time. It is just that it is relatively easy to ignore temptations from levels higher than the character’s current Temptation State. If a player wants their character to ignore a temptation from a level below their current Temptation State however, they must succeed a Resist Temptation check requiring successes equal to the number of levels the Temptation is below their current State.

Without further ado here are the temptations:

State Threshold Temptation & Situation
Calm 0 Resist Coercion.

Regenerate damage, if taking wound penalties.

Anticipatory 1x Will Continue Devouring a soul, once started.

Restive 2x Will Draw Essence and Manifest Aura, if conflict looms and it won’t expose character drastically.

Indulgent 3x Will Call someone’s bluff, if they threaten violence.

Rash 4x Will Draw Essence and Manifest Aura, if conflict looms, even if it means exposure.

Exhilarated 5x Will Kill! if hostile and killing won’t expose the characters.

Intense 6x Will Devour, if victim available, was hostile, and it won’t expose the characters.

Serenely Violent 7x Will Kill if hostile, even if it means exposure.

Flow State 8x Will Devour, if available and was hostile, even if it means exposure.

Ecstatic Abandon 9x Will Kill! Kill and Devour! Everyone around you, except for other members of your Domain.

Perfect Introspection 10x Will Leave the scene and digest, once nothing is left to kill and devour.

Concepts - Innate - Temptation State

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