Concepts - Other - Infection

So the bite of a vampire or zombie seems to carry the risk of infecting the victim with a spiritual parasite.

The parasite dwells in the victim’s brain stem. It might be possible to remove it using occult skills (like Devour), but this would require experimentation. By default the victim’s soul would be devoured as well…

Once infected a person sickens, over the course of the next five to fifteen hours the parasite will try to take them over. If it succeeds the victim’s soul is torn apart, and the parasite animates their dead body as a zombie.

Mechanically the parasite gets to make a check every two hours using a dice pool equal to the number of hours which have passed since the bite, (2 dice, then 4 dice, then 6, etc).

The victim gets to roll [ Will] to resist each of the parasite’s rolls. The parasite’s remaining successes accumulate as infection progress.

If progress ever gets to 10 the person dies and becomes a zombie. If the victim can hold out a number of hours (1d10 + 5, secret roll) then the parasite will burn out instead.

Healing can reduce infection progress as if it were bashing damage.

Symptoms at levels of progress are as follows:

Infection Symptoms
1 A bit pallid, bite is inflamed.
2 Black streaks from wound, feeling distinctly unwell.
3 Fever, clammy skin, -1 to all actions.
4 High fever, -1 stamina, -2 all action.
5 Vomiting, It hurts to move, -2 stamina, -4 all actions.
6 More vomiting and crippling fever, -3 stamina, -6 all actions.
7 Probably unconscious. Things are looking bad. Might have moments of lucidity.
8 Starting to lose soul fragments. Might have episodes where parasite is in control (snap and bite and struggle).
9 Eyes turn white. Will bite if not restrained. Losing more soul fragments.
10 Sorry, they’re gone.

Zombie Soul Fragments seem to act like infection. It is possible for Awakened to kill them with an act of Will.

Concepts - Other - Infection

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