Domain - Extrospection - Dot 2 - Bestow

The character marks a person, place or thing, with a sign of favor or of the opposite…

Requirement Touch or be otherwise connected to subject.
Cost 1 Will
Action Minor
Roll Will + Release Level (up to dots in outward looking archetype) verse subject’s will (if unwilling).
Note An unwilling person may attempt an opposed resistance check each day.
Effect A mark appears where the Awakened touched. This mark can be range from very subtle to very obvious. The mark(s) inflicted by each awakened are different (players choice) but colors and pattern usually reflect the awakened’s aspect and nature (so probably greens, browns, roots, leaves, flowers, bark, etc).
Note This mark is a supernatural effect and can be recognized as such.

While the mark exists it has the following effects.

Effect The cost for an awakened of the Tree to establish gestalt with the marked person using Mind’s Reach is reduced to 0 and no roll is needed (usually, if willing).
Effect The awakened who placed the mark is aware of the direction, distance, health and emotional status, etc of the marked person or thing.
Effect A marked person has a greatly enhanced chance of contributing essence to the Tree, and of being heard / sensed via Cries of the World or Spirit Sense.
Effect The mark is a suitable target for Spirit Step.

Domain - Extrospection - Dot 2 - Bestow

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