Domain Growth Effects - Stage 0 - Awakening

The Domain comes into existence as a spiritual archetype.

Aspects Awaken, and can go into the world by using Cries of the World to find a mortal vessel.
Aspects can return to the Domain in spirit by using Domain Dreaming.

The Domain draws closer to the physical world each day, undergoing a reckoning:

Occurs at Midnight, or at a time significant to the Domain’s nature.
The Awakened return to the Tree using Domain Dreaming.
Essence flows into the Domain from the Awakened’s bodies (if outside and active), and from people who may have interacted with the Awakened and are thinking of them.
The Awakened get a chance to Assimilate some Essence, and Absorb some Soul Fragments, and Break Soul Fragments into Essence.
The Domain Grows (see below).

The Domain can store Essence and Soul Fragments:

Each day during the Domain’s Reckoning (see above) Essence flows into the Domain.
The Awakened can also contribute Essence and Soul Fragments to the Domain by Devouring victims.
The Awakened can spend Essence from the Domain to Assimilate it.
The Awakened can Draw Essence from the Domain to Manifest Aura.
While at the Domain the Awakened can spend Essence as if it was Aura.
While at the Domain stored Essence contributes to an Awakened’s effective Aura Level and Release Level as if it were Aura, but can only raise these Levels up to the Domain’s Growth Stage.
If a point of Essence would be consumed when only Soul Fragments are left in the Domain then a random Soul Fragment will break down into Essence.

The Domain can Grow:

At the end of the Midnight Reckoning the Domain will consume 1 point of Essence for every 10 points in the reserve, (including the value of Soul Fragments). These points convert into growth toward the Tree’s next Stage.
The amount of growth required to reach the next stage equals ten times the number of the stage to be reached (ie: 10pts for Stage 1, then another 20 points to reach Stage 2, another 30 points to reach 3, etc).
The Domain’s Growth Stage is the maximum Release Level and Aura Level an Awakened can achieve.

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Domain Growth Effects - Stage 0 - Awakening

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