Domain Growth Effects - Stage 2 - Adaptation

Note: Growth Stage 2 adaptation is complete. The Tree gained Celerity.

The Domain may Adapt one line of powers that the Awakened have Absorbed from other creatures for its own.

As a group the Awakened pick a line of powers that they have gained via Absorption. The choice can be delayed, but not abandoned or halted once begun.
Once chosen, all Experience in the chose line of powers is sacrificed from each Awakened. The Awakened lose their dots in those powers and roll 1 dice per Exp sacrificed.
Successes accumulate.
Failures return to the Domain as a point of Essence.
Botches cancel successes.
While the adaption process is in progress any Soul Fragments of the chosen line of powers which enter the Domain are immediately sacrificed, granting a roll of one dice per Essence Value.
The process is complete when the Awakened accumulate successes equal to the Threshold Value of the Growth Stage that the Domain was at when the process was initiated.
Once adaption is complete the Domain offers a version of the sacrificed line of powers as an Innate line of powers. The Awakened can each develop these powers by Assimilation.
Once adaption is complete the Domain’s look and feel permanently changes to reflect this new part of its nature.
After adaption is complete, if any Soul Fragments of the (old) line of powers enter the Domain they immediately break down into raw Essence.
The Awakened get the sense that higher Growth Levels will offer more chances to Adapt the Domain.

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Domain Growth Effects - Stage 2 - Adaptation

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