Domain Growth Effects - Stage 3 - Realization

The Domain becomes its own reality.

Early experimentation indicates that the Tree responds to its aspects when they physically enter their domain by investing essence to create the physical reality they expect (or desire?) to see.

The Awakened have the sense that:

Space, energy, and matter created via Realization act according to their own principles, which (so far) seem identical to ‘real’ space, energy, and matter. Ie: The air seems breathable, the water drinkable, etc.
The realized space of the domain might support life. If a way could be devised to get them there, then plants and animals (including people) could live here (with unknown potential side effects). There seems to be no reason why physical matter couldn’t be imported into the domain too (again, with ? side effects).
It is even possible that the Tree might be able to realize life forms of its own by using living spirits or fragments as nuclei for the process (untested).
Essence invested into realizing the Domain does not count as being in the reserve for the purposes of the Domain’s growth.
It may still be possible to draw on the Essence invested into realizing the domain (ie to manifest aura etc), but this would only occur after the reserve was completely emptied. It is unknown what effect drawing out the Essence invested into realization would have on the physically realized space of the Domain.
The process of realization is not directly controllable. The Tree acts in response to a physically present Awakened’s thoughts, rather than the Awakened acting themselves. Awakened away from the Tree do not seem to be able to block or undo realization, but may be able to expand on, or contrast with one Awakened’s input by visiting themselves and causing more Essence to be invested.

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Domain Growth Effects - Stage 3 - Realization

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