Domain - Growth Stage 2 - Adaptation


The stage two adaption process is complete and added Celerity to the Tree.

how it works

As a result of reaching stage two the Tree may make innate one line of powers which the awakened have absorbed from other supernatural creatures.

As a group the characters choose a line of powers they have which is not already innate to the Tree. The choice can be delayed, but upon choosing, the Tree, (and the characters), are permanently altered. The process of adaptation can not be abandoned or halted once begun.

All exp in the chosen line of powers is sacrificed from each character. The characters’ lose their dots in the chosen line of powers and roll one dice per exp point sacrificed this way.

Successes on the sacrifice rolls accumulate. The number of successes required equals the threshold value of the growth level the Tree was at when the adaption process started.

When a roll fails that exp point does not contribute to the adaptation but instead returns to the Tree as a point of raw essence.

Rolls of 1 fail, do not convert to essence, and eliminate a previously accumulated success instead.

While the adaption is in progress any soul fragments of the chosen line of powers which enter the Tree are immediately sacrificed, giving one roll per essence value.

When enough successes have been accumulated the domain gains its own innate version of the chosen line of powers. The characters can gain dots in this line via assimilation as per normal for innate powers. The domain itself will also change to physically reflect its development.

After the adaption process is complete, if soul fragments from the chosen (old) line of powers enter the Tree they immediately convert to raw essence.

Domain - Growth Stage 2 - Adaptation

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