Domain - Introspection - Dot 0 - Regenerate

The character’s ‘natural’ healing is accelerated.

Cost None
Limit Once per day.
Action Sleep
Effect Heal two bashing
Alternate Effect Heal one Bashing and reduce one Lethal to Bashing.
Alternate Effect Heal one Lethal.
Alternate Effect Reduce one Aggravated to Lethal.
Note The alternate effects aren’t optional, start from the top and work through until find the first one which applies.

The character can expend effort to recover from all but the worst of injuries in moments.

Cost Aura (variable).
Action Negligible.
Effect Heal 1 level of Bashing per point of aura spent.
Alternate Effect Improve one level of Lethal to Bashing per point of aura spent.
Alternate Effect Improve one level of Aggravated to Lethal per two points of aura spent.
Alternate Effect Heal the character’s Stamina worth of Stagger Penalty per point of aura spent.
Note On a point by point basis, when healing damage: Bashing is healed first, then Lethal, then Aggravated. Healing Stagger is optional (can be done before or after wounds).
Note Improving a level of Aggravated damage can be spread over multiple rounds, keep track of aura spent. Wound only improves when both points of aura required have been spent
Note When taking wound penalties a character is tempted to regenerate.

The character can regenerate extreme damage (lost limbs, age, sickness, etc).

Cost Will and Aura, the Storyteller will work out how much
Limitation Must be at the Tree
Action Extended, once per sleep period.
Effect Regenerates extreme damage. May require several days.

The character can resurrect from death.

Requirement The character’s vessel must be dead, but enough of the corpse’s brain, heart, and lungs must remain to sustain life once healed.
Cost variable essence
Limitation Consciousness must be at the Tree.
Action Main, Extended.
Roll One dice per essence spent.
Note The maximum amount of essence can spend per turn equals Release Level (which for a consciousness at the Tree equals the Tree’s Growth Stage).
Effect Successes partially heal “overkill” damage on the corpse (ie wounds received beyond the character’s health boxes). Two successes reduce an Aggravated to a Lethal. One reduces a Lethal to a Bashing, and one heals a bashing completely. Results of 10 roll again. Results of 1 negate and are negated by a success from the current roll (if any). Botching a roll completely halts the resurrection process for several hours. When all overkill damage has been regenerated this effect can also reduce the wound in last health box to bashing (with successes). At that point the character revives, able to draw aura and regenerate in the more usual manner.
Note When the character takes extreme amounts of damage that tears off limbs the storyteller may cap the “overkill” to roughly 4 per limb lost plus damage to torso and head. In this case the character would resurrect with those limbs missing, needing to regenerate those limbs using the method above.
Note If a character is dead but has no overkill they could alternately be revived by external by immediate application of enough healing to reduce the wound in last health box to bashing or less (or by increasing number of health boxes, or similar magical means). They may also be revived by cpr, defibrillation etc, although this technically wouldn’t heal them just leave them on the threshold of death.

Domain - Introspection - Dot 0 - Regenerate

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