Isobella's Home

Isobella’s house, and (presumably) the location where most of her household dwell.

A two story brick dwelling in Ashgrove set into the slope of a hill.

A brick wall faces the street with only an automated gateway for vehicles (with intercom) rather than separate vehicle and pedestrian gateways.

There are security cameras under the eaves of the house.

The ground floor is mainly empty rooms and storage, a stairwell leads directly from front door at ground level to the second floor, (although there is a concealed door from stairs to ground floor).

The second floor contains bedrooms, bathroom, kitchen and living room for Isobella’s servants. House functions are controlled from a panel in kitchen. A concealed safe room door (heavy hydraulic, pin entry 94….) between kitchen and living room opens to reveal a passage leading 60m down unterground (the house is built back against ridge) to another door (warded) into Isobella’s Sanctum.

The underground garage is spacious. A passage with concealed door links it to the ground floor of the house. The back wall of the garage lifts up to reveal a tunnel big enough to fit a car which goes through the ridge and out via garage of Isobella’s second house.


Wednesday 3rd August Maen Bok and The Burning Knives attack as part of The Black Priest’s Rebellion. Isobella, her crew, and the characters break out via garage’s secret passage, leaving (severely depleted) gang in possession of house. Harry Lhamo and Erin McArthy were also left behind in the rush.
Tuesday 2nd August The characters gained access to the house by simply buzzing the intercom. Inside they found a desperate situation where zhou’s psychic and Isobella’s servants were infected.
Tuesday 2nd August 2016 The awakened drive by the house to scope it out as part of their consideration of a request from Mikael (the bailiff) to see if Zhou’s psychic is inside.

Isobella's Home

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