Lunatic's Caern

A clearing containing a small hill which is crowned in a ring of bunya pines. The caern is somewhere south of the Lamington Mountains.

There is a dilapidated farmhouse halfway up the hill. A dirt track, little more than wheel ruts, leads down from the farmhouse out of the clearing through private forest and (eventually) to a gravel road that in turn leads out to the mullwillinbah road.

Within the ring of bunyas (which are warded) a spiritual enclave presses close. Quintessence seems to bleed through into the mundane world here.

The caern is sacred to the Lunatic werewolf tribe.


Tuesday 2nd August After being kidnapped by Patrick Nials, Donald was the focus of a ritual and guest of a world’s end party here. He had sex with several lunatic women, including inside the sacred ring of bunyas itself. He also marked the gps coordinates of the location on his mobile phone.

Lunatic's Caern

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