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What your statistics represent

The world of darkness system has a very coarse grained system for modeling skills and attributes.

Dot Meaning in Attribute Meaning in Skill
0 Heavily Disabled. Dangerously Ignorant / Without Skill.
1 Weak as dishwater. Basic Familiarity.
2 Average development. Competent.
3 Professionally competitive. Professionally competitive.
4 Savant Prodigy. Among the best in your Field.
5 Legendary. World Leading Skill.

Humans are not usually able to develop more than five dots in a attribute or skill during their lifetime.

Experience points

Experience points are a finer grained abstraction used to measure a character’s progress toward their next dot in a skill or attribute.

To gain a dot you must have the dot before it, and then accumulate experience points equal to the value of the dot you are trying to acquire.

Eg: The first dot costs 1 point, then the second dot costs another 2 points, the third another 3 points etc.

This cost is for both skills and attributes.

Training and Study

In the game world the default way people improve their skills and attributes is by training, studying, or practicing over longer and longer periods of time.

Basically a character can roll to try and gain an experience point toward its next dot in an attribute or skill after enough in game training has occurred. The period of training required for each roll gets longer as dot the character is trying to gain get higher, as follows:

Dot to gain Training time between Rolls
1 A day.
2 A month.
3 A year
4 Five years
5 A decade.

This assumes the character is being taught, has good materials to experiment on, can communicate freely with their peers, or otherwise has the advantages needed to develop freely. The period between rolls is longer (if possible at all) when conditions are less than ideal.

Remember each roll is to gain one exp point, so it would take two successful rolls to gain dot 2, three to gain dot 3, etc. You can see why there aren’t any humans with attributes or skills over 5. It’s like you’d need to live forever for that…

So yeah, you probably won’t be gaining high dots via training or study during the campaign, unless you all as a group succeed at passing a lot of time or something. Suffice to say there will be other development method’s available to your characters which most ordinary humans can’t use.

Mundane training in game is still very useful for gaining the first dot in a skill to get rid of the Risky effect (see basic rules on Rolling Dice). Whether you want your characters to experiment on their own or seek out expert training is up to you of course.

Mechanics - Basic Rules - Experience

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