Mechanics - Basic Rules - How Rituals Work

Rituals are specific pieces of knowledge.

A character must learn, (or develop), a specific ritual before they can perform it.

A character must have occult skill equal to or higher than the dot of a ritual to perform it.

A character must be able to use an enabling power of dot equal to or higher than the dot of a ritual to perform it. This means may need to raise Release Level when performing rituals. A power’s listing in index will contain a note if it enables rituals, and which Tradition of rituals it enables.

Rituals are listed in sets, one for each Tradition. Traditions are the bodies of ‘knowledge’, belief, perspective, etc which make up the logic of why rituals work.

Even though different traditions contain very different world views, occult skill derived from studying one tradition will allow a character to understand rituals from another, (with maybe a little research effort).

Each Tradition is usually based around a particular enabling power (eg Obtenebration enables Abyssal Magic). This power is suitable to enable casting of all rituals from the Tradition it is associated with. Different powers might, but probably don’t, enable casting of rituals from that tradition, (storyteller judges on a case by case basis).

Learning rituals is not as hard as developing skills or attributes. The character must have some inspiration or experience that gives them at least an idea of how the ritual could work. Then they must accumulate successes on a extended [Intellect + Occult + Enabling Power] roll equal to the threshold value of the ritual’s dot. With a full set of instructions the character may roll once per day of study. They may roll once per week of research when extrapolating from incomplete sources and experimentation.

Note that the quality of teachers and resources also gives bonuses and penalties to each roll.

Note that Release Level is not required to get the benefit from dots in a power for each roll (learning can be a hypothetical activity).

Note that Absorbing a Soul Fragment with knowledge of a ritual embedded in it adds successes equal to the Threshold Value of the fragments Essence Value to the extended roll.

Mechanics - Basic Rules - How Rituals Work

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