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The character sets their self to respond to a specific stimulus.

Action Negligible.
Roll None.
Requires The player names a specific potential event, and what their character’s response will be to it.
Requires The character must currently be able to perform the nominated response. Ie, must have sufficient dice, and not have taken their Main action yet this turn if the nominated action is a Main type.
Effect The character’s turn is suspended. The next character in initiative order starts their turn.
Effect The character waits in readiness for the specific event the player nominated. While readied it gains a +2 bonus to perceive that event and a -2 penalty to all other perception and reactive maneuvers.
Effect If the nominated event occurs: The readied character may attempt to interrupt it with the action they declared. They roll [Wits + Alertness] verse the opponent’s [Wits + Alertness].

If the readied character wins their readied action interrupts the action of the currently acting character. The readied character may take the rest of their turn before resuming the interrupted characters turn.

If the acting character wins their action beats the readied character’s action. They may take the rest of their turn before the readied character takes the rest of their turn.

In both cases the readied character’s initiative score is set equal to the interrupted character’s score.
Alternate Effect If the nominated event has not yet occurred, but the readied character’s player declares they want to end their readied state, the readied character may act after the currently acting character. Its initiative score drops to one below the currently acting character.
Alternate Effect If the round ends while a character is readied they roll Initiative as per normal. If their next turn comes up while their still readied they may remain readied or take their turn as normal.

Mechanics - Maneuvers - Awareness - Dot 1 - Ready

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