Mechanics - Maneuvers - Brawl - Dot 0 - Grapple

When you’ve got a hold of someone and you are wrestling for control.

Requires Must already be in a grapple. To establish a grapple use Grab, Tackle, or similar maneuvers.
Weapon Not Really.
Action Minor, Once per Turn (per opponent).
Roll [Strength + Brawl] opposed by opponent’s [Strength + Brawl].
Target Body: No Penalty.
Reach +0.
Optional Effect You may spend successes (before they would increase your advantage) to enable you do drag your opponent with subsequent Move actions at a rate of 1 success per meter.
Effect Successes first decrease any Grapple Advantage the opponent has against you, then builds your advantage against them.
Note The opponent’s opposing check can only reduce your successes on this roll. To affect existing advantage they must make their own grapple actions on their turn.

While in a grapple:

All physical actions are penalized by the total Grapple Advantage others have against the character.
Characters can not move freely, needing to spend successes to drag their opponent(s) (see above).
Characters can let go of an opponent they have Advantage against (or if there is no advantage either way) as a Negligible action.
The space between characters for Reach purposes is 0. Unless the grappler with Advantage has natural reach, in which case they can choose which space to hold opponent out to, up to their natural reach.
Some types of attacks become usable, eg: Takedown, Limb Lock, Choke Hold, and Bite (for humans).

Mechanics - Maneuvers - Brawl - Dot 0 - Grapple

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