Mechanics - Maneuvers - Brawl - Dot 2 - Limb Lock

Tap out! Tap out!

Requires You must be in a Grapple and have Advantage against your opponent.
Action Main.
Roll [Strength + Brawl] opposed by [Strength + Brawl].
Target Arm: -2 dice.
If prone and grappling you might get a leg.
Reach +0.
Effect On success, you secure a lock hold on one of the opponent’s limb, (eg, twist arm up behind their back).
Optional Effect You may spend successes (before they would increase your advantage) to enable you do drag your opponent with subsequent Move actions at a rate of 1 success per meter.
Effect Successes add to your Grapple Advantage.
Effect On fail, you do not secure a lock hold.
Effect On fail, any excess successes from your opponent’s roll first decrease your Advantage and then may give them Advantage.
Effect Trying to secure a limb lock counts as a use of Grapple for the turn.

While you have an opponent’s limb locked:

All “while in a ”/wikis/mechanics-maneuvers-brawl-dot-0-grapple" class=“wiki-page-link”> grapple" stuff applies.
You and your victim can use Grapple as normal.
The victim takes double penalty from Advantage you have against them.
If your advantage reaches 5 or higher the victim must Soak against [advantage -5] every time you increase your advantage or their limb is dislocated, possibly broken.
If you lose advantage your also lose the limb lock.

Mechanics - Maneuvers - Brawl - Dot 2 - Limb Lock

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