Mechanics - Modifiers - Cumbersome

Cumbersome items are… cumbersome to carry. It’s usually a function of the item’s length, weight, or shape.

An item’s Cumbersome value removes dice from all actions made while carrying it, other than actions made to use the item in the way it is designed to be used, (see Awkward for that).

Note the penalty is somewhat situational, and may be waived, reduced, or increased at the Storyteller’s judgement, especially if the item is strapped on or otherwise secured, or if the action being taken is simple or complex.

For example:

Sprinting while carrying a Wood Axe (cumbersome 1) would probably attract the penalty.

Sprinting with a Wood Axe strapped to your back probably would not.

Making a Running Jump with a Wood Axe would definitely take the penalty, and probably make the maneuver Risky too.

Mechanics - Modifiers - Cumbersome

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