One Tree Hill Rent

A Rent in the spiritual fabric of the world allowing quintessence to flow out into Oblivion.

Physically opens in Mount Cootha. The spirit land within the rent is scrawny ghost gum scrub clinging to the sides of a steep valley down into which a gravel road spirals.

Had previously been sealed by the staking and binding of Ulyana Olah. Isobella Yasly had been responsible for keeping Ulyana bound in torpor and for warding the rent from discovery by others.


Wednesday, 3rd August Isobella Yasly drives characters into rent in persuit of intruders but they are ambushed by szhlacta and vozhd, presumed servants of Ulyana Olah. Isobella is forced to flee after the character’s malevolence rises to the point where she is in danger from them.

One Tree Hill Rent

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