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The Awakened creates a manifestation which heightens their psychic awareness:

Requires Essence or Psychic Aura, drawn into the Awakened’s Vessel.
Action As part of Draw Essence or Circulate.
Effect The Awakened may transform points of freshly drawn Essence into Psychic Aura and manifest that Aura as a Reverie State.
Alternate Effect The Awakened may manifest points of Psychic Aura drawn from the Domain or elsewhere as a Reverie State.
Effect The Awakened gains a distracted, otherworldly air and a certain invisible brightness around their eyes and forehead.

While the Reverie is manifest:

The Awakened gains +1 dice per Reverie Effect Level to Perception checks made to perceive supernatural effects.
The Awakened takes -1 dice per Reverie Effect Level to all other Perception checks and Initiative checks.
The manifestation can be detected by supernatural senses, or with mundane senses if the observer is aware of what that distracted air means.

The Awakened may attempt to experience a vision:

Requires Stare at a foci.
Requires Hold a question about the foci in mind.
Action Main, Extended.
Roll [Composure + Occult + Visions].
Penalties For the difficulty of the question and its relation to the foci.
Cost Spend up to 1 Aura per success, from Reverie State manifestation.
Effect If successful, experience a vision relating to the foci and question. Hidden secrets may be revealed in a cryptic or open way.
Effect -4 dice to all other perception checks while having a vision.
Note Repeated attempts using the same foci are likely to become mired in the same imagery.

Note: This is an Psychic Power which Awakened can gain by Absorbing some Soul Fragments.

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Powers - Human - Visions - Dot 1 - Reverie

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