Powers - Human - Visions - Dot 1 - Reverie

While staring at a foci and holding a question in their mind the Awakened might enter a reverie state:

Action Main, Extended.
Cost 1 Aura.
Roll [Composure + Occult + Release Level, up to dots in Visions].
Penalties Difficulty of answer and its relation to foci.
Effect If successful the character experiences a vision relating to the thing they were focusing on. Hidden secrets may be revealed in a cryptic or open way.
Effect -4 dice to all other perception checks while having a vision.
Note Repeated attempts using the same foci are likely to become mired in the same imagery.

Note: This is an Psychic Power which Awakened can gain by Absorbing some Soul Fragments.

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Powers - Human - Visions - Dot 1 - Reverie

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