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The Awakened can capture stray whispers of thought:

Action Reactive, Negligible.
Responds to The Awakened makes a Perception check.
Roll Per subject, [Manipulate + Empathy + Visions] resisted by Will.
Cost Up to 1 Aura per success spent from Reverie manifestation.
Effect The Awakened’s psychic senses drag at the people around them, especially the focuses of the instigating Perception check. This effort is an intrusive supernatural effect and may be detected even if no Aura is spent.
Effect If successes remain after resistance, and if the Awakened spends Aura to empower those successes, then the Awakened captures whispers from the thoughts of the people around them. The more aura is spent the more detailed and deeper the thoughts which get captured, and the better sense the Awakened gains of who the thoughts came from and where they are positioned.
Note In unskilled human psychics this power is largely uncontrolled and occurs randomly as they interact with people and the environment. It can be quite disorientating. Awakened can control if this power triggers because of the way Aura works. They also have a better sense of separation between their own thoughts and others (as long as their human Instability is low enough).
Note In certain situations the storyteller may make secret rolls or have the player make dummy rolls to avoid unsuccessful attempts from revealing if / how many hidden entities are nearby.

Note: This is an Psychic Power which Awakened can gain by Absorbing some Soul Fragments.

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Powers - Human - Visions - Dot 2 - Glean Thoughts

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