Powers - Innate - Aspect of Heartwood - Dot 3 - Shatter

The Awakened causes timber to shatter, exploding shards and causing chaos:

Requires Touch wood. At least a kilogram per point of Aura to be spent.
Action Main.
Roll [Intellect + Craft + Aspect of Heartwood].
Cost Spend up to 1 Aura per success from Greenwood Flesh manifestation.
Effect Up to 1 kilogram per point of aura spent of the wood touched explodes, sending shards flying.
Effect Make an explosion attack on each target in the affected area using dice equal to the kilograms of wood exploded -1 dice per meter the target is distant from origin. Dodging can oppose, blocking can’t. Damage is Lethal and can be Soaked as normal. Unless they control the arc of the explosion (see below), the Awakened is caught in the blast as well.
Refinement The Awakened can restrict the arc of the explosion. This penalizes the initial roll (before aura is spent) but intensifies the blast, adding dice to each explosion attack equal to the penalty taken or the kilos of woods exploded (whichever lower). When controlling the arc of the Blast the Awakened (usually) doesn’t include themselves in the explosion attack as well, which is nice…

The penalties are:
270 degree arc away: -1 dice
180 degree arc away: -2 dice.
90 degree arc away: -4 dice.
45 degree blast away: -8 dice.
Refinement The Awakened can delay the blast. They take dice away from the initial roll and roll them separately, spending up to 1 aura per success. On a botch or fail the explosion goes off immediately (botch always catches Awakened in blast even if were shaping it). One aura successfully spent allows the Awakened to delay the blast long enough to throw the wood like a grenade (goes off same turn). Two allows the Awakened to delay the blast for up to several rounds. Three or more aura empowered successes allows the Awakened to hold the blast indefinitely, triggering it at will later on. While delayed the Aura spent on the blast is an investment, which can encyst. The Awakened can dimly sense damage to or movement of the wood bearing the investment.

Note: This is an Innate Power which Aspects of Heartwood can gain by Assimilating some Essence.

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Powers - Innate - Aspect of Heartwood - Dot 3 - Shatter

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