Powers - Innate - Aspect of Leaves - Dot 0 - Petal Fall Hair

Manifesting Aura transforms the Awakened’s hair:

Action As part of Manifest Aura.
Limit Maximum Effect Level for the Petal Fall Manifestation equals the Awakened’s dots in Aspect of Leaves. This does not allow the Awakened to exceed the total limit for aura manifest and invested.
Effect The Awakened’s hair lengthens and turns green in strands from which ephemeral petals and leaves fall and swirl.

While the Awakened’s Petal Fall Hair manifestation is in effect:

Regeneration becomes more efficient for this character:

Stagger Penalty: 1 Aura removes 2x Stamina.
Bashing: 1 Aura heals 2 wound levels.
Lethal: 1 Aura fully regenerates a wound level.
Aggravated: 1 Aura reduces to Lethal.
The Awakened photosynthesizes starch under sunlight with sufficient air and water. This satisfies hunger to some degree.
Plants bloom and shoots unfurl when the Awakened passes.

Note: This is an Innate Power gained by Aspects of Leaves when they first Awaken.

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Powers - Innate - Aspect of Leaves - Dot 0 - Petal Fall Hair

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