Powers - Innate - Aspect of Leaves - Dot 1 - Verdure

The Awakened can calm Instability temporarily:

Requires Touch Target.
Action Minor.
Roll [Composure + Empathy + Release Level, up to dots in Aspect of Leaves].
Cost Up to 1 Aura per success from Petal Fall manifestation.
Effect The target feels peace like standing under sunlight filtered through leaves, which brings them closer to the Tree.
Effect A chosen type of Instability is suppressed by the amount of aura spent for as long as the Awakened maintains sufficient Release Level.
Note Suppressing Instability also reduces the side effects of taint.
Note Multiple uses of Verdure on the same target can stack to a maximum effect equal to the number of dice used in this power’s roll.

Note: This is an Innate Power which Aspects of Leaves can gain by Assimilating some Essence.

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Powers - Innate - Aspect of Leaves - Dot 1 - Verdure

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